We need your Sainsbury’s and Tesco Vouchers

We are collecting: Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers and Tesco Vouchers for Schools and Clubs
Sainsbury’s Active Kids is underway – and we need a team effort!
We’re taking part in Sainsbury’s Active Kids 2012. and we hope to collect as many vouchers as possible which we can use for some great new equipment and experiences.

Thanks to you, in 2011 we collected 3927 vouchers. This year we want to aim even higher so we need a big team effort, and that includes you!

You can collect Active Kids vouchers from 15th February to 10th April. You’ll receive 1 voucher for every £10 spent at any Sainsbury’s main store or £5 spent in Sainsbury’s convenience stores. You’ll also receive vouchers for groceries online and at petrol stations, plus Nectar points can be turned into Active Kids vouchers too – visit nectar.com for details.
So please help us by collecting and donating your vouchers to us and by spreading the word to friends, colleagues and neighbours that we’re collecting! Every voucher is really appreciated and makes a huge difference. With your help we’re looking forward to a great year.

After our success last year, we are once again participating in the Tesco Vouchers for Schools and Clubs. We appreciate your support, so please ask family, friends, neighbours and colleagues for any vouchers.

Please place all of your vouchers in the collection boxes in the hall foyer, or pass them on to any Member of the group

A special thank you to those anonymous donors from around the country who have kindly taken the trouble to post vouchers to us, having seen this post on our website. It is most unexpected. Thank you for you help too! Vouchers can be sent to 10th Romsey Scout Group, Braishfield Road, Romsey, SO51 0PB




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