Beavers under Canvas

10th Romsey Maple Beaver Leaders decided to make use of our new tents during the holidays, and held an overnight camp at our HQ.

After some rainy days that week the weather improved and couldn’t have been better for us. The Beavers enjoyed learning some new skills including fire lighting, knotting and fudge making.


Until recently Beaver Scouts have only been allowed to have sleepovers indoors but under the rules of scouting they are now allowed to camp outside. Following our very successful first attempt last year when we had to borrow a tent, we approached Romsey Extra Parish Council earlier this year, who very kindly offered us a grant enabling us to purchase our own tent with a further one purchased from 10th Romsey group funds.

So we were very pleased to welcome to our camp Councillor Chris Wesson, Chairman of Romsey Extra Parish Council and Councillor John Parker  who enjoyed chatting to Leaders, Beavers and their parents.  They were given a guided tour of our campsite and were given a very big ‘Beaver thank you’ for helping us to purchase our new tent.

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