Active Scouting during lockdown


I’d just like to write to let you know of the amazing job the cub leaders in Romsey are doing whilst we are all on lockdown. Without any hesitation at all, the leaders of 10th Mohican, lead by Baloo have brought their cubs together for their weekly Monday night cub meeting. I really feel like we haven’t missed anyone or anything. They have regularly gathered more than 20 of the pack supported by 3 or 4 of the crew. They have put together interesting sessions, set achievable and enjoyable challenges each week and have encouraged the cubs to continue with badgework by adapting the badges so they can be completed at home.

We had a brilliant cub sleepover earlier this month and from 1.30 until bedtime on the Saturday evening Jacob was occupied setting up his camp, telling jokes, setting up a teddy zipwire, making his supper over the campfire, singing campfire songs and playing bingo.

They are fabulous. They have shown humour, determination and a seamless transition from face to face meetings to zoom meetings. We even have a “Cubs meeting” on the BH.

We have another sleepover planned for next month.

Please can you say a big thank you Baloo and all the teams involved. They are legends. They really deserve some recognition.

Many thanks,






Dear Wendy

Thank you very much for your kind words, I’m so glad that Jacob is able to continue his enjoyment of Cubs. The leaders and all the background team at 10th only continue with the support of children and parents in the scouting community – so a big thanks to Jacob and you.

Group Chairman

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