Plant a Tree for the Community

A very successful event last Saturday 26th November attended by 40 volunteers. We had help with the planting from our neighbours at Abbotswood and also from the Girl Guides that use our hall. A big thank you to everyone. We were very well supplied by Mandy and Mags’ catering team- bacon rolls and drinks at 9am to warm us up before setting off. They even produced a mobile unit and gave us  a tea break on site!wp_20161126_10_40_23_proWe formed in teams of twos and threes to carry out the planting, staking (bamboo canes) and guarding (spiral guards to protect from rabbits). There were 300 or so native hedgerow trees which were planted to boost the 15m wide strip along the Abbotswood side of our boundary.wp_20161126_09_58_44_pro