Too Busy to Volunteer – Think again!


Our Scout Group relies on the support and help of volunteers to enable it to thrive. Ask a young person why they stay in Scouting, and they will probably say because it’s fun. This is true for our adults too!

If you would like to help out but don’t have the time to be a Leader or Helper then our Group Executive committee is a great way of helping the Group with minimal time commitment.

Our Group Executive Committee plays a very important part in the running of our Scout Group; in fact, the Scout Group could not function properly without it.

What is a Group Executive Committee?

The Group Executive Committee is responsible for the management of our Scout Group. It is accountable to the Group Scout Council, which is made-up of all the people involved in Scouting in our Group: leaders, helpers, parents, administrators, Patrol Leaders, and a few others.

Who is a member of the Group Executive Committee?

Our Group Executive Committee is made up of the following people:

  • our Group Officers (Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary),
  • those who are nominated by our Group Scout Leader and approved by the Group Scout Council at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • parent representatives who are elected by the Group Scout Council at the AGM,
  • those who are co-opted by the Executive.

What does the Executive do?

The Committee has several responsibilities. These include:

  • ensuring we have a good place to meet,
  • providing equipment for the Scout Group,
  • ensuring that the Scout Group is suitably insured,
  • raising funds for the Group,
  • administrating the Scout Group’s finances,
  • assisting in the recruitment of leaders,
  • organising social events.

Who are we?

Although the ‘Executive’ bit in our title makes us sound very formal and important, it is actually not like that at all! Our Committee is made up of parents of children from within the Scout Group.

Some of us are ‘ex-officio’ members and have proper titles. These are the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. Ideally there should be a parent from each section in the Group on the Executive Committee. This means that we have a good spread of opinion. We very much believe that many hands make light work and that no one person should ever have to do too much. Our meetings are very informal. We enjoy chatting about the things going on in the Group and making the right decision to support the work of our leaders.

Can I help?

Yes, The Executive Committee is open to anyone who has an interest in helping our Group to function.


What is the commitment?

There is no fixed time commitment – the time required to fulfil the role varies. It is probable that you will have around six 1.5 hour Executive meetings during the year. In addition you may choose to support fundraising and other Group events. We only ask that you attend the Executive meetings as often as you are able to. You won’t be signing your life away.


Before you decide

We really hope that you can help us support Scouting in our Group and we will be delighted if you say “yes”.

For more information speak to your section leader, Ian Moore our Group Scout Leader, or Sam Martin our Group Chairman.

Developer helps Scouts get more bang for their buck

10th Romsey Scouts Firework Evening Sponsored by BDW Southampton


Thanks to David Wilson Homes who helped our  recent firework display go off with a bang.

David Wilson Homes sponsored 10th Romsey Scout Group’s event where our members and their families enjoyed fireworks followed by hot-dogs and cocoa, and a campfire.

This sponsorship has allowed us to plough takings from the evening back into our own funds and raise money for the RNLI Cheeki Rafiki Fund.

Julian Jones, development director for David Wilson Homes, said: “These groups are so important in local communities, bringing local residents together and teaching young people valuable skills.”

Our Group Secretary Les Herbert said: “Having sponsorship for our firework night enables our Scout Group to use any donations made on the night for essential equipment to support our scouting activities and our work in the community. The 10th Romsey Scout group has almost 200 youth members and ensuring that we can deliver an exciting programme of activities is a constant challenge for our volunteers, so this sponsorship is a welcome boost to our funds.”


Beavers under Canvas

10th Romsey Maple Beaver Leaders decided to make use of our new tents during the holidays, and held an overnight camp at our HQ.

After some rainy days that week the weather improved and couldn’t have been better for us. The Beavers enjoyed learning some new skills including fire lighting, knotting and fudge making.


Until recently Beaver Scouts have only been allowed to have sleepovers indoors but under the rules of scouting they are now allowed to camp outside. Following our very successful first attempt last year when we had to borrow a tent, we approached Romsey Extra Parish Council earlier this year, who very kindly offered us a grant enabling us to purchase our own tent with a further one purchased from 10th Romsey group funds.

So we were very pleased to welcome to our camp Councillor Chris Wesson, Chairman of Romsey Extra Parish Council and Councillor John Parker  who enjoyed chatting to Leaders, Beavers and their parents.  They were given a guided tour of our campsite and were given a very big ‘Beaver thank you’ for helping us to purchase our new tent.

Burgers and Bangers for RNLI Cheeki Rafiki Fund

Over £550 was raised by 10th Romsey Scout Group for the RNLI Cheeki Rafiki Forever By the Sea Fund, at the Abbotswood Big BBQ on Sunday 31st August.






Income from Burger and Hot Dog sales, together with a £200 pledge from Bellway Homes to top up donations on the day, gave a fundraising total of over £550 . This RNLI fund was set up as a memorial to James Male; a former Cub and Scout with 10th Romsey Scout Group, and the crew of the Cheeki Rafiki who were tragically lost in the Atlantic earlier this year.

2014-08-31 12.17.53 Big BBQ 7 abbotswoodBBQ2 abbotswoodBBQ1